Elenco delle motivazioni di soft bounce

Ecco le molteplici ragioni che causano un  SOFT BOUNCE:

User account disabled This account has been disabled or discontinued User account is expired Delivery failed: Over quota
User is inactive Inactive user Extended inactivity new mail is not currently being accepted Exceed the quota for the mailbox
Sorry, I wasn’t able to establish an SMTP connection Message refused Permission denied Errno=28
User mailbox is inactive Mailbox temporarily disabled Blocked address Your e-mail was rejected for policy reasons on this gateway
Account inactive as unread Account inactive Account expired 550 Protocol violation
User hasn’t entered during last Account closed due to inactivity This account is not allowed Blacklisted
Mailbox_currently_suspended Mailbox disabled Quota exceeded Is refused. See http://spamblock.outblaze.com
User is over quota Exceeds size limit User has full mailbox 550 Rule imposed mailbox access for
Mailbox disk quota exceeded Over the allowed quota User mailbox exceeds allowed size Message cannot be accepted, content filter rejection
Does not have enough space Mailbox is full Can’t create output Mail appears to be unsolicited
Mailbox full File too large Too many messages on this mailbox Rejected for policy reasons
Too many messages in this mailbox Not enough storage space Over quota Spam rejected
Over the maximum allowed number of messages Recipient exceeded email quota Temporarily deferred Error: content rejected
Is FULL Quota exceeded User is over quota Message Denied: Restricted attachment
Exceeds size limit User has full mailbox Mailbox disk quota exceeded Denied by policy
Over the allowed quota User mailbox exceeds allowed size Does not have enough space Has exceeded maximum attachment count limit
Can’t create output Mailbox full File too large Blocked for spam
Too many messages on this mailbox Too many messages in this mailbox Not enough storage space Blocked for abuse
Over quota Over the maximum allowed number of messages Recipient exceeded email quota Message held for human verification
The user has not enough diskspace available Mailbox has exceeded the limit Exceeded storage allocation Considered unsolicited bulk e-mail
Quota violation 522_mailbox_full Account is full Message held before permitting delivery
Incoming mailbox for user Message would exceed quota Recipient exceeded dropfile size quota Envelope sender is in my badmailfrom
Not able to receive any more mail User is invited to retry User account is overquota
    Listed in multi.surbl.org
Mailfolder is full Exceeds allowed message count Message is larger than the space available Black listed url host
Recipient storage full Mailbox is full Mailbox has exceeded the limit This message scored
The user\’s space has used up. User is over their quota Exceed the quota for the mailbox On spam scale
Exceed maximum allowed storage Inbox is full Over quota Message filtered
Maildir has overdrawn his diskspace quota Disk full Quota exceed Rejected as bulk
Storage quota reached User overdrawn his diskspace quota Exceeded his/her quota Message content rejected
Quota for the mailbox The incoming mailbox for user Exceeded the space quota Mail From IP Banned
Mail box space not enough Insufficient disk space Over their disk quota Connection refused due to abuse
Message would exceed User is overquota Requested mailbox exceeds quota Mail server is currently blocked
Exceed mailbox quota Over the storage quota Over disk quota Spam origin
Mailbox_quota_exceeded Status: 5.2.2 Over the maximum allowed mailbox size Extremely high on spam scale
Is not accepting mail from this sender Spamblock Blocked using HTML tag unacceptable
Appears to be spam Not accepting mail with attachments or embedded images Message contains potential spam You have been blocked by the recipient
Message looks like spam Message looks like a spam Message contains unacceptable attachment High spam probability
Email is considered spam Spam detected Message identified as SPAM Blocked because it contains FortiGuard – AntiSpam blocking URL
This message has been blocked because it contains FortiSpamshield blocking URL Sender is on domain\’s blacklist This message does not comply with required standards Message rejected because of unacceptable content
554 Transaction failed 5.7.1 reject content 5.7.1 URL/Phone Number Filter 5.7.1 Message cannot be accepted, spam rejection
Mail contained a URL rejected by SURBL This message has been flagged as spam They are not accepting mail Not accepting mail with attachments or embedded images
550 POSSIBLE SPAM Headers consistent with spam 5.7.1 Content-Policy reject Rejected by an anti-spam
Rejected by anti-spam Is on RBL list Sender denied Your message was rejected because it appears to be part of a spam bomb
It is spam 5.7.1 bulkmail Message detected as spam 5.7.1 Blocked
Identified SPAM Error: SPAM Message is banned Junk mail
Bulk mail rejected SPAM not accepted Rejected By DCC Spam Detector
5.7.1 Message rejected 5.7.1 Rejected as SPAM Message rejected due to the attachment filtering policy Message rejected due to content restrictions
Spam is not allowed Blocked by policy Content filter Spam filter
Filter rejection Rejected by spam-filter Forbidden for policy reasons Looked like SPAM
Message blocked Not delivered for policy reasons High on spam 5.7.1 Rejected – listed at
Invalid message content 550 This message scored Blocked by SPAM This message has been blocked
SURBL filtered by Message classified as bulk 554 Message rejected Mail rejected for spam
554 5.7.1 Message that you send was considered spam Message that you sent was considered spam 554 5.7.0 Reject
550 Spam Message rejected 550 Rejected Message rejected: Conversion failure
Sorry, message looks lik Email has been identified as SPAM Possible spam 550 Content Rejected
Message not allowed by spam Has been quarantined Blocked as spam A stray CR character
No longer accepts messages with DNSBL:To request removal of Won’t accept this email Rejected by filter processing
Marked by Telerama as SPAM Triggered a spam block Message classified as spam by Bogofilter Http://postmaster.info.aol.com/errors/421dynt1.html
Spam limit has been reached One of the words in the message is blocked Your email has been automatically rejected Message from policy patrol email filtering
Blocked by filter rules Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons 542 Rejected Remote sending only allowed with authentication
550 authentication required Sorry, that domain isn’t in my list of allowed rcpthosts Sorry, that domain isn’t in my list of allowed rcpthosts Has installed an invalid MX record with an IP address instead of a domain name on the right hand side.
All relevant MX records point to non-existent hosts Not capable to receive mail CNAME lookup failed temporarily TLS connect failed: timed out
Timed out while receiving the initial server greeting Malformed or unexpected name server reply Temporarily deferred Unreachable for too long
Please receive your mail before sending but connection died Failed; 4.4.7 (delivery time expired) Unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server
This message is looping Connection timed out Failed on DATA command Can’t open mailbox
Delivery failed 1 attempt Hop count exceeded Command rejected Unable to create a dot-lock
Command died with status 550 System error Connection refused Command time limit exceeded
Resources temporarily unavailable Error on maildir delivery This message has been in the queue too long Loops back to myself
Temporary failure Temporary problem Temporary error on maildir delivery The host does not have any mail exchanger
5.7.1 Transaction failed Delivery temporarily suspended Undeliverable message User path no exist
User path does not exist Maildir delivery failed Resources temporarily not available Has exceeded the max emails per hour
Several matches found in domino Internal software error Internal server error Cannot store document
Delivery time expired Delivery expired (message too old) Operation timed out 4.3.2 service shutting down
Loop count exceeded Unable to deliver a message to Delivery was refused Too many results returned
Your “received:” header counts Error in processing Error opening input/output file SC-001 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons.
Remote host said: 542 Rejected Remote host said: 554 Failure Could not complete sender verify callout Sender verification error
Mail only accepted from IPs with valid reverse lookups Lost connection with Sender id (pra) not permitted Could indicate a mail loop
But sender was rejected Address does not pass the Sender Policy Framework Only accepts mail from known senders Name service error
You will need to add a PTR record (also known as reverse lookup) before you are able to send email into the iiNet network. Does not have a valid PTR record associated with it. Refused to talk to me: 452 try later
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